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Grit Grants

The Visual Domain Grit Grant is a monthly grant of up to $500 that is available to all team members working on creative projects outside of Visual Domain.


As a business we currently support this via the use of gear but want to go 1 step further and invest in our people with real dollar bucks to get what they need to bring their passion projects to life.

Image by Jakob Owens

How does the Grit Grant work?

Each Month a $500 grant will be handed out. The full $500 will be awarded to one project or split across a few if applicable. Unsuccessful applications can be re-submitted the following month.

If there are no applications the money rolls over to the following month Projects can apply multiple times, even if successful. That means if you have a big ongoing project, you may apply for multiple grants. The successful applicant will be notified via email.

A project will have to adequately meet the criteria of the grant, however other than this, Visual Domain will have no say in the art you produce. At the end we would LOVE to see your amazing stuff, if you are happy to share 🙂

Additional information about the Grit Grant, including selection criteria and payment details)  can be viewed in this presentation.

How do I apply?

Complete the APPLICATION FORM here!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Adam Connolly.

Happy creating!

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