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Policies & processes

Everything you need to know about policies and processes that Visual Domain follow

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News Corp Policies

General employment policies

  • Employment Manual
    This document has been developed in orderto familiarise employees with the business of Visual Domain Australia and provide information about working conditions, key policies and procedures and Visual Domain’s expectations as to professional conduct
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  • User access review policy
    This policy outlines the processes in which Visual Domain undertakes to maintain employee user accounts, account closures, password changing, group/permission level changes, subscription management,  and ensuring the right people have access to the right areas only.
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  • Cyber Security Policy
    This policy outlines the processes, principals  and strategies Visual Domain uses to maintain cyber security and perform cyber security assessments across all local, cloud and physical infrastructure.  (Request to access is required)
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  • Overtime policy
    This document explains how we’ll manage employee hours and compensate
    employees for hours worked beyond their standard schedule.
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  • Expense policy
    This policy provides details of how business and travel expenses will be covered for employees. The policy
    sets out the conditions and maximum entitlements payable.
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  • Parental leave policy
    Visual Domain will provide parental leave and parental leave pay to eligible employees who have worked for the business for at least 18 months prior to the expected date of birth or adoption. (pending changes for NewsCorp alignment)
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  • Mental health & wellbeing policy
    The purpose of this policy is to establish, promote, and maintain the mental health and wellbeing of all staff through workplace practices, and encourage staff to take responsibility fortheir own mental health and wellbeing.
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Production policies

  • Policy for working with freelancers, talent and third party vendors
    This document brings together all of the most up to date processes and policies for engaging with third parties at Visual Domain, and links to all relevant forms and resources.
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  • Policy for shoot to edit turn around times
    To minimise disruption to our edit calendar and ensure editors are always able to start a project at the scheduled time, it’s important that all team members are aware of our standard ashoot-to-edit turnaround times.
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  • Edit suite maintenance
    Once a month we will run a series of software and hardware updates to ensure edit suites are running at the best performance.
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  • Media drop off process
    This process ensures that all captured media is correctly identified and saved without any issues.
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