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Security, Wifi & Shared Logins

Security is an important matter to us at Visual Domain. Please do not share these passwords, post them anywhere, or write them on a sticky note!

These passwords and codes will be changed on a regular basis, in line with our security policies.

Image by Ali Yılmaz

Melbourne Office

Door Code

Key: 4821#


To open the front or back entrance doors, enter the above code followed by hash. You will hear a beep and a soft click. Pull the door to open.

Alarm Code

Unique codes are issued on an as-needed basis. If you think you require an alarm code, please speak to Scott Ward.

Office Wifi

While in the Visual Domain offices (Melbourne & Sydney) you will be able to access our network for the Internet and access our Media Server. There are 3 ways to connect to our network, each with a different result. Please ensure you use the correct method.

  • Ethernet Only: All Access and high-speed connection to Media Server / Full Speed Internet (For Editors & Shooters). Can only be access via ethernet cable.

  • Basic Staff Wifi: No media server access, fast internet only. Visual Domain only password.

  • Guest Network: Basic internet only. Guest specific password, shared publicly. Give this to clients.

Those that need local network access will be required to connect via an ethernet cable, this will enable you to access the media server and sharing capabilities. This also enables editors to have high speed 10gbe connections.

Our passwords are to never be shared with anyone.
The Guest network will be displayed publicly for clients but has limited access and will be rotated more regularly than the Visual Domain wifi.

The passwords are as follows:

Melbourne – Basic Staff Wifi
Name: Visual Domain
Password: jf6qjegd

Sydney – Basic Staff Wifi
Name: Visual Domain
Password: Visdom98

Shared Logins


Password: V1sd0m01


Password: V1sd0m01



Password: V1sd0m01

Media Server Remote Access

Please refer to the Visual Domain VPN Connection Guide here.

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